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Ring in the New Year!!

We are #1 in the Nation!!

!!Welcome Home Kits!!

895 total, since we started

235 kits in 2022

I cannot express how proud I am of all the lodges and the hard work and dedication members are doing for our Veterans.  2022 has been an amazing year.

We've distributed 895 Welcome4 Home Kits since the program started.  That's about $270,000 in aide.  Over 200 Military and Veteran families received holiday meals, 1,464 backpacks were distributed to Military and Veteran Families in the State.  287 military families, with almost 1000 children received holiday toys for under the tree for Christmas.

Washington State is definitely the A Team when it comes to support for our Service Members and Veterans.  You are all truly amazing!

Elizabeth Johnston                                                                              WSEA Veteran Chair                                                                            VAVS State Chair



Veterans and Service Members, residing in WA State, who have been affected  by COVID19 can apply for financial relief.  Send an email toELKS4VETS@GMAIL.COM for an application.  You will need to provide the information listed below.

 3 months bank statement, shut off notices, copies of bills, DD214, etc. 

Funds cannot be used to pay credit card debt, insurances, dental, medical or creditors. Funds are sent directly to those owed, not individuals applying.  



Click on our page for more information on our new WSEA Vet program!




 'Welcome Home Kit'

Click on the page for ideas to help homeless veterans as they move into their new home! Up to $400 available for reimbursement!